About Bonnie

I’m the founder of Gypsy Wolf Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy dedicated to working with art galleries, artists, and international artisans.

Committed to the growth and empowerment of my clients, I provide them with the innovative, “out-of-the-box” marketing techniques and business strategies necessary to approach their business development and marketing challenges creatively in order to thrive in the changing art world.

I began my journey with Human Design 7 years ago. It showed me how to navigate my life perfectly aligned with who I really am. It detailed my talents, skills, and potential, and gave me a blueprint for actualizing them. It shed light on my emotional, psychological, and energetic makeup, giving me the self-awareness and tools to align with my nature and step into my highest potential in every aspect of my life. As I continued my studies, I began to understand how Human Design could help my clients learn to operate in alignment with their individual needs and make correct choices leading to improved health and well-being, better relationships, and fulfillment in their personal and professional life.

In addition to my consulting work, over the past 25 years I’ve leveraged my experience in business development, marketing, and the arts in a variety of positions in the art world including

I also maintains a presence in the corporate world where I’m the vice president of marketing for a technology company headquartered in Boston, MA.

I studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.

I live and work in Santa Fe, NM.